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cpa email marketingAs a well-established UK Email Marketing agency, we possess both a sophisticated in-house mailing faculty and online network via which we promote advertising campaigns. Moreover, we are CPA Email Marketing specialists. CPA by definition means Cost per Action. We work to the following CPA metrics: Cost per Sale/Aquision, Cost per Lead and Cost per Click. The very key to this performance-based model is that you pay for the ‘action’ we deliver only; that is, for quantifiable results.

 Generally speaking, a registered user on either our database or one of our partners’ will receive an email promoting one our clients’ brands or offers. The email creative will detail the promotion and include a Call to Action that directs to the landing page, which will then provide consumers with a form to complete in order to receive that particular service or product. Once the user has carried out the ‘payable action’, the pixel will fire and thus generate a lead (sale).

 A typical CPA campaign via DMLS travels through the below stages:

Define The Campaign

What is a target CPA? Call to Action established.

Choose The Metric


Creative Materials

Creative and landing page built. Subject lines decided.


Are there any data source caps? Any lead volume caps in place?


Creative tested to check the pixel is firing and campaign is tracking correctly in our system.

Live Preview

Email preview passed across to the client / advertiser for approval.

Live Campaign

Campaign is broadcasted.

Track The Campaign

Monitor campaign statistics and incoming lead volumes in real-time.

Data Management

Manage unsubscribes and any issues relating to bounced data.

Next Stage

Once we are happy that a campaign has proven to perform well internally, we can roll it out to the DMLS Publisher Network as a means to extend reach and maximise customer acquisition.

Here at DMLS, we use pixel tracking on all of our performance-based email campaigns. We have multiple internal data sources as well as publishers whose activity we track individually with our bespoke tracking technology. Our utilisation of sub ID parameters means we’re able to identify and deliver quality leads from multifarious lists and publishers simultaneously.

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